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We Want to Buy You & Two of Your Friends Lunch

We love food trucks. So much so that we released a suite of features built just for them! Check this out: using our Truck Tracker, mobile vendors can use their smartphone to get their exact location and automatically send a tweet. The system does not rely on Twitter, so it works even when the FailWhale's flying. Also, maps of their location on their desktop-optimized side, mobile website and even Facebook fan page ensures that you can find them easily. Of course, they will have access to all the other Mobile Meteor features as well. Please help us get the word out - when a truck signs up, we'll ask how they found out about us. If they give us your name, we'll buy you and two of your friends lunch at that truck.

To learn more about the food truck mapping feature, see how it works for Frying Dutchmen below, or check out this statement. You can also contact us directly.